What is our SECRET ingredient?

Updated on 28 April 2023
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We provide value for our clients

From start-ups to global organisations, every project is as important to us as it is to the person bringing us the brief. We aim for each work to be worthy of showcasing to the world.
Designer fashion labels; healthcare governing bodies; award-winning skincare and cosmetics brands; national and international broadcasting and entertainment studios.
We love to learn about different businesses, what they offer and how we can share it with people. It helps us to expand our creative perspective.

Our focus is on working with the right people. People who are passionate about their business, brand, or project like we are. We want to collaborate with you, to find out how we fit into your goals and take the journey with you.

So where do we start? If your business is still in its infancy or needs a revamp we can build a brand around it. We'll listen to you to get under the skin of your business and understand its personality and who your target customer is.

Our studio is our home

Our brand and our culture are extremely important. The interior of our studio reflects us as people, as a company.

It is scientifically proven that the interior design of an environment promotes creative thinking, innovation and productivity. Our office is designed by our team.

We believe that a studio or work environment should reflect the nature of the business you run and therefore support all of your personal needs.

Our environment. Our staff. Our culture. Our personality. For us, these things are all built on the same foundation. They are all impossible to separate. These have all defined our history and will be the basis of all that comes after.

Be always transparent

We founded Proxyma Design on creativity, professionalism, and transparency. We love to share every aspect of prototyping, design, and development with our customers and create a real and healthy relationship with them.

Our goal is to make you feel at home with us! We want you to be honest with us as much as we will be with you. For this reason we have decided to show our prices without any fear because we believe that being transparent is key to creating a nice environment to grow.

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